Executive Presence Expertise

Holter Consulting specializes in Executive Presence development for leaders and executive teams. Executive Presence is the “X-factor” of successful leaders who assert influence, drive change, and inspire organizational performance. Holter Consulting is the trusted partner of Bates Communications and exclusive distributor of the assessment tool Bates ExPI™ (Executive Presence Index) in the Nordics.

Holter Consulting uses the Bates ExPI™ as a starting point for Executive Presence coaching and executive team development processes. Through our executive presence expertise, we help organizations develop current and future leaders and achieve their strategic goals."

”It was a fantastic experience being part of the EXPI certification. Holter Consulting had managed to gather a small group of very professional, experienced and dedicated individuals, which ensured that the discussions and insights were kept at a very high level. In my opinion, the ExPI assessment is a superior tool for developing executive leaders. I’m so pleased with finally having a definition of and method to develop executive presence in leaders which ultimately will have a large impact on organizations.”
Bates ExPI Certification, Pernille Fritz Vilhelmsen, Talent Management Director, Hempel